Welcome to Live Fan Chat

Live Fan Chat is developing highly scalable chat technologies for interacting during live events.

These technologies will be used to provide registered users a number of "destination websites" to interact with each other online in real time.

We will eventually cover a number of stand alone genres, however the initial pre-funding proof of concept beta websites are all sports related sites.

Our first beta site was www.LiveBaseballChat.com which enables baseball fans a real time venue to chat during any of the 2432 MLB games.

Our second beta site was www.LiveFootballChat.com which offered the same functionality for the NFL Football but now with enhanced Twitter and Facebook integration.

Since then we have deployed additional sports genre sites at the start of each sporting season (currently up to 14).

Revenue is a combination of advertising and branding opportunities in addition to real time B2B analytics information.

Should you wish to discuss either branding, advertising or event coverage please feel free to get in touch.


Dean Collins