Download PDF -  2010-03-11 Live Chat Concepts  Brings Social Media to Nascar with


Live Chat Concepts  Brings Social Media to Nascar with

Live Chat Concepts has launched a new way for Nascar fans to chat and network
with each other live during the races.

New York, NY, March 11, 2010 -- Live Chat Concepts  is a privately held web
technologies firm developing highly scalable chat technologies for interacting
on the web during live events.

These technologies are used to provide registered users a number of "destination
websites" to interact with each other online in real time.

Sites previously launched in 2009 include and

Live Chat Concepts  most recent launch is which offers
race fans a place to chat live with other fans during any practice session or
race that is televised live.

A specific chat room for each race is generated where fans can chat live online
about events as they happen.

Using the latest AJAX technology there is no need to refresh browsers and along
with enhanced Email, Twitter and Facebook integration this application makes it
easy to invite your friends to join you to chat live while watching the action
on TV or via wifi at the track. will be deploying 8 other sports orientated sites over the
coming months as each new sporting season starts (including the international
Formula 1 season next week in Bahrain at along with the return
of in the spring once the regular season starts.

Changing the way you interact with live events forever - Live Chat Concepts 
is a privately held New York based web startup delivering highly scalable chat
web applications.

Revenue is a combination of advertising and branding opportunities, a single
banner at the base of all our chat pages that is rotated every 60 seconds.

This banner is 468 x 60 and is very cleanly and prominently displayed without
any distracting clutter.

Everyone pays the same low rate of $1 CPM ($50 for 50,000 banner impressions
minimum purchase) and has access to their real time analytics engine.

Should you wish to discuss either branding, advertising or event coverage please
feel free to get in touch.

Contact Information

Live Chat Concepts 
Dean Collins
212-203-4358 New York